Ways To Market, Promote And Sell Your Music Online

Ways to Market, Promote and Sell Your Music Online
by: Ty Cohen

You can books shows, do radio spots and pass out flyers all you want, just don’t forget how powerful the Internet is as a musician resource. There are ways to promote and sell your music online that you may no even know about. Remember, the Internet reaches millions of people worldwide so never underestimate its power.

Your absolute first step you need to take is getting a website. If you don’t have a website then how do you reach the masses? A website is relatively inexpensive musician resource but it must be maintained. You need to have a great design, include tons of pictures, a schedule, music for sale, demos, MP3 downloads, merchandise and a blog. Blogging is a fantastic music promotional idea because it increases traffic to your site. It also gives you a chance to connect with your readers, making you and your band seem more real and personable.

Whether you have a website or not, you need to get a MySpace page to promote your CD. MySpace isn’t just for teenagers. It is incredible and the marketing possibilities are endless. There are message boards, places for pictures and video, blogs and the opportunity to invite friends and fans from all over the world to share your music. You can even include tracks from your CD to give fans or prospective fans a taste of your music.

Did you know that there are stores online that specialize in selling independent musician’s music? That’s right, places like cdbaby.com and garageband.com will sell your music and you keep a big chunk of the profit. So check out this awesome musician resource, what do you have to lose?

Instead of just selling your CD, have you thought about selling your MP3 online? It is an incredible way to gain exposure and build your fan base. And, who doesn’t have a MP3 player? MP3s are without a doubt the wave of the future and you have no reason to be left behind in the past. Take advantage of all the technological possibilities there are to promote your CD.

The last online music promotional idea that you may not have thought of is an email list. This list will be partly responsible for you success. This is a way to keep your listeners and fans excited about your music. You can send out press releases, newsletters, announcements or anything else relevant that may promote your CD. Create an opt-in section on your website. Keep track of your email list and if at all possible, personally answer your emails and questions from fans. Remaining personable and grounded just may be your key to success.

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