Top Five Ways To Promote Music On Myspace

Top Five Ways to Promote Music on MySpace
by: Ty Cohen

If you are just starting out in the music business, the word budget probably doesn’t even apply to you. If there were money coming in, then maybe a budget would be feasible, but since there is not, you have to find a way to change this. Luckily, MySpace Music exists. Bands have literally gone from zero income from sales and shows to booking gigs all over the country and selling CD’s like crazy. All from checking out what MySpace for musicians is really all about.

Over the next few minutes, the top five ways to promote your music on MySpace will be explored and defined. Hopefully, this will give you the information and boost you need to skyrocket your career. And MySpace music is where you need to start.

First and absolutely foremost, you need to create an artist page on MySpace music. On this page, you need to include a killer headline to grab people’s attention. Properly fill out every section including your influences and what your music sounds like. Be honest yet original. Add a killer default photo and as many photos of the band or yourself as possible. Finally, find some awesome codes that make your MySpace for musicians profile page fit your style.

Secondly, start building a massive, yet relevant friends list. Start adding people in your local area that have similar musical interests, hobbies, likes or other important matching keywords. Slowly build outside your immediate area and work throughout the country from there. If your goal is to reach the world then do it!

Thirdly, you have your MySpace bulletins. You will quickly realize just how powerful bulletins on MySpace for bands are. Be effective and add an interesting, eye-catching title. Post bulletins with relevant information as often as possible. You want to stay fresh in the minds of your fans.

Next, create a MySpace Music group and invite people to subscribe to your blog. This is a great way to attain fans and keep in close contact with the ones you already have. Blog daily and never fall behind or people will stop coming back for more.

Lastly, network with other bands! Take full advantage of MySpace for bands and other musicians. Meeting new people, cross-promoting and networking is one of the best ways to market yourself on MySpace Music. The more people you meet, the more connections you have. And the more connections you have, the more opportunities you will receive to book gigs, sell music and hopefully get signed, if that is one of your goals.

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