The Home Theater System Review You Must Read

If you have been looking for a home theater system review that will offer some insight into the difficult choices that are involved in choosing a system, then you have come to the right place. Rather than just start listing the brands that are usually recommended this review will cover some important points that you should know.

1. There is such a tremendous variety of equipment available so it is virtually impossible to review every one.
2. It would also be impossible to actually listen to all the different configurations of equipment.
3. Everyone’s home is different and that effects the accoustics.

It is important, therefore, to keep in mind that there is no one system that will be suited to every single home.

Various sources of information have been used to compile this home theater system review, both from businesses and customers, but first you have a decision to make.

1. Do you want to assemble your system using different components?
As you can imagine this method can result in a superb system, but it would take more research than could be provided in the scope of this article. However, the information here will still provide you with information that will help you target different manufacturers.

2. Do you want to buy an all-in-one system?
This is what the review is aimed at; providing guidance in choosing from the better quality all-inclusive systems. While there is much written about the leaders (Sony, Panasonic, and Bose) we will focus on three other brands.

Consider Audiovox

The Audiovox company offers a variety of units and they have been mentioned on many reviews. This may be because they tend to be a bit lower on the price scale so be aware that you have to learn what you are purchasing. Check that you system (or any brand for that matter) provides connectivity to your television and any other components you may choose.

Make sure you are getting all of the needed wattage and sound options (Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic). Try to choose a unit that is closer to the 80 watts per channel. If you do this you could end up with one of their higher end units that would provide decent quality that would still be considerably less expensive than some of the higher priced leading brands.

Source out Samsung

The Samsung people say that they currently make less than six inclusive systems and are probably the best deals” on the market.
They generally score well in most home theater system reviews. The reason for this seems to be that they use good quality equipment. The word is that they always make the effort to compete with other top-notch systems.

It seems that their higher end units exceed the 80 watts per channel threshold and this means that they work very well in most average sized living rooms. From a study of the specifications it appears that Samsung’s products are competitive with virtually every system available.

Don’t Omit Onkyo

Onkyo produces higher-end systems that are fairly competitive with the market leaders. Considering that they have some great fully featured systems, it could work out that they end up being a better buy. Be sure to review the specifications before deciding which of their all-inclusive systems you want as you want to make get as many features as you can for the least amount of money.


As we mentioned before, there are some names are are synonymous with quality such as Sony, Panasonic, Bose, Yamaha and JBL. No home theater system review would be complete without mentioning that these brands virtually guarantee quality. You are generally safe when buying one of these if you have the money. Remember to still do your homework and go into the purchased well prepared.

While we have attempted to give you some alternatives in this review, it should be said that no one review will cover everything you need to know and this review is no exception. Having said that, we hope that this review will get you considering a few different brands that you might otherwise not have considered. If you are careful you might not have to spend as much as you thought to get a decent system because you will learn more with each home theater system review you read.

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