Indian Art And Its Variety

Art in India has a history of several decades. Since pre historic times, people have been practicing different forms of art including sculptures and paintings. The palaces of the kings were decorated with the beautiful forms of Indian art. However, till date people from round the world show their interest in Indian traditional paintings.
Some of the most popular types of India arts are discussed below �
Traditional Indian Art
Tradition of Indian art painting goes back to antiquity, as is reflected from the paintings carved on Ajanta, Ellora and other frescoes. Most popular kinds of Indian art is discussed as below-
�Tanjore Paintings � These paintings are known for its traditional ornamentation and it is made on wooden boards.
�Phad Paintings � Phad is a cloth material on which this painting is made. These paintings depict the stories and adventures of local and epic heroes.
�Pichvai � This kind of Indian art depicts the scenes from the life of Hindu god Lord Krishna.
�Madhubani � In pre- historic times this kind of paintings were made on the walls of their homes and prayer rooms to create divine atmosphere in the house.
Abstract Art
Abstract art makes use of visual language of color, form and line to craft a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. An abstract art does not have a recognizable subject. It’s completely non objective allowing more freedom of expressions and creativity. Abstract art includes a wide range of styles. Any type of art which does not represents what it is depicting can be classified as an abstract art, though the term applies to oil paintings and other hanging arts.
Contemporary Art
Contemporary art can be defined as art crafted at this point of time or art crafted since World War II. Contemporary art expresses a lot with least. They use abstraction deducing every component of art as contemporary art requires nothing but complete freedom.
Contemporary Art Gallery
Contemporary art has become popular in both national and international market. It is highly acclaimed in west also. In fact art lovers from various countries visit Indian art gallery to get an idea about the uniqueness of the Indian art. An Indian art gallery has a rich collection of magnificent paintings which can give rich and imperial look to your house. Contemporary art gallery present in Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Trivandrum, Mumbai, Kolkata, Baroda and Santiniketan has collection of famous contemporary art paintings.
Modern Art
Modern art refers to paintings crafted from eighteenth century to nineteenth century. This work of art does not follow any traditional techniques of paintings. This form of art can be easily recognized as they are uniquely different in style and color usage. If you want to give appealing look to your house, you can go for modern art paintings. The cost of the beautiful modern art painting can go to thousand dollars. However, you can at times get affordable one that does not cost more than hundred dollars.
Modern Art Gallery
India houses large numbers of modern art gallery which has rich collection of beautiful and appealing modern art paintings. This will enable you to choose the paintings made by reputable artist and get a great painting.

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