Dish Network Aids Parents In Protecting Their Children

A child has just cursed their parent. The same child has recently developed violent tendencies and is also making poor ethical decisions. The parent wonders, “Where has this behavior come from? Certainly not from me.” While children are influenced by many different sources, behavior experts cite television as one of the leading coercions in society today. Violence, drugs, sex, and harsh language is commonplace on TV. However, it is also full of beneficial, morally sound educational programs that any parent is happy to have their child watch. So, the question many have is how to find the balance between protecting a child from the negative content on TV while still being able to expose them to the enormous amount of positive content. Satellite television providers, such as Dish Network, are using modern technology to aid mothers and fathers in finding this balance.
Finding The Good Through All The Bad
In years past, parents were basically limited with two choices when it came to protecting their child from the harmful images on television. Sit and watch every program with their children to make sure they don’t wander onto the wrong channels, or don’t let them watch television at all. With the first choice, almost no mother or father has the time or desire to watch every show their kids watch. The second choice only isolates kids from all the beneficial and educational shows that can help a child grow and develop. PBS Kids, BabyFirst TV, Discovery Kids, The Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon are examples of the programming available on satelite broadcasting that is considered safe for younger viewers. The satellite TV technology of Dish Network offers a way to provide this type of educational content while eliminating the worry from placing a child alone in front of a television.
Technology For Worry-Free Viewing
With every type of Dish Network satelite receiver, one can use the Parental Controls and System Locks to choose which programs are available when a child turns on the television. This is a free service offered by Dishnetwork that creates password protected locks to restrict the viewing of programs in two ways. One way is to set parental locks based on the rating that a program receives. By way of government regulations, TV shows are now given a rating that is based on the same rating system that theatrical movies receive. This allows mothers and fathers to have a good idea of the type of content within the television show and decide whether it is suitable for their child. Dishnetwork satellite services offer password protected locks on these ratings, and gives the option of added protection.
The other way Dish Network allows parents to protect their kids is to set password protected locks on individual channels. Any channel on the Dishnetwork can be locked by password. Local channels, music entertainment channels, movie channels and even Pay-Per-View programs can be kept away from younger eyes. Through Dishnetwork satellite TV technology, a parent decides what is appropriate for their children to watch, sets a password that only they know, and then walks away without worry.
Using Satellite Programming For A Better Tomorrow
Never before has it been so safe and secure to allow children access to the wide variety of healthy, educational shows on television. Dishnetwork is using state-of-the-art technology to ease the worried minds of mothers and fathers everywhere. In the coming years, they will continue to upgrade this technology as it comes available, and parents will continue to be grateful of that.

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